10 Strange Tips That Will Actually Make You Look Better

10 Strange Tips That Will Actually Make You Look Better
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The Internet is full of tips on how to better your appearance and get closer to your target of achieving the flawless look. However, not all of it is applicable.

We here at Shop Plus Center recently came across some odd life hacks that truly shocked us. However, we decided to give them a shot and are happy to report that they actually work!


To achieve the look of false eyelashes, use baby powder

Apply a single coat of mascara to your lashes.
Make use of a Q-tip to add baby powder to your eyelashes.
Apply a second coat of mascara to your lashes. And that’s it! A easy and affordable way to achieve the look of false eyelashes!


Make a new lip outline with concealer

Do not despair if you have a naturally blurred lip line or if your lips appear too narrow to wear dark lipsticks. With the aid of a concealer, you can quickly correct the situation.

With a concealer, draw your lip outline, “erasing” the natural contours, and then shade.

When the concealer has dried, draw a new lip contour with a vivid pencil, slightly overstepping the natural one. Make sure your lips aren’t too big.


To whiten your teeth, use activated charcoal

In a bottle, put an activated charcoal tablet and 5 drops of water. Knead the lumps out of the resulting mass.
Clean your teeth after placing the mass on your toothbrush.
Just use this medication once or twice a month. If you do it often enough, your teeth will become extremely sensitive!


To easily conceal dark circles under your eyes, apply red lipstick

If you’re in a rush to get rid of dark circles under your eyes and your concealer isn’t cutting it, beauty bloggers recommend the following method:

Apply red lipstick to the “arches” under your eyes with care so as not to irritate the delicate skin. Shade it, stopping just shy of your lashes.
Apply two layers of concealer, one on top of the other, coloring each layer. Allow enough time for the concealer to dry. Finally, dust it with powder.
It’s best not to overdo this approach to avoid harming the delicate skin around your eyes.


For the ideal winged eyeliner, use loop

Clear, smooth eyeliner wings can be done in a number of ways. A especially successful method is described in this video: using a thick cotton string.

Take a piece of string and apply your favorite eyeliner to it.
Pull the string taut and position it against your lower eyelid, forming a continuation of your lower lid.
Use the same technique to paint the upper edge of the wing.


To contour the nose, use a fork

Many girls use contouring to alter the shape of their nose to make it appear more slim and appealing. Contouring includes emphasizing the ridge of the nose along its length with a lighter color while darkening the wings.

Using a fork to make the contour lines straight and symmetrical.


As an eyeliner, use regular pencils

If you don’t have any eyeliner pencils and just want bright-colored summer-style eyeliner wings, use regular color pencils instead.

Wait a few minutes after placing drawing pencils in a glass of hot water.

Take the pencils out of the water and make eyeliner wings with them.


Instead of using a highlighter, add lip balm

Girls are also hesitant to purchase a highlighter, opting to use other cosmetics instead. Shimmer shadows, for example, are capable of performing the job just as well. The same can be said for another cosmetics box “inhabitant”: lip balm. The only flaw is that it is very sticky!


For perfect curls, use dishwashing sponges

Curling irons aren’t necessary to achieve luxurious curls, as it turns out (which can severely damage your hair). Only a dishwashing sponge is needed.

Break your hair into strands and loop each one around the sponge’s middle.
The sponge should be folded in half and secured with a rubber band.
Go to sleep. When you look in the mirror the next morning, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


To whiten your armpits, use potato slices

Many women are concerned about the darkening of their underarms. It can, however, be easily solved with the help of potatoes!

Thinly slice a potato and rub your armpits with the slices.
You can also grate a potato and use the juice that results.

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